3 Dining Surprises at the Magic Kingdom

Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen

I would say a good portion of those who visit Walt Disney World know the “go-to” eating spots in the Magic Kingdom.  However, there are those times where you either want a little some different or maybe you simply cannot land that reservation.  When we find ourselves in either of these situations, we are just not sure what to expect but in these moments we can find some of the most pleasant surprises to add to our Disney playbook.

Below are 3 dining surprises found at the Magic Kingdom.


Image from Walt Disney World.

Earlier I spoke about how sometimes plans change and in our case it was a combination of things.  We wanted something different, we couldn’t come to a consensus, and our schedule changed slightly throughout the day ultimately compounding until it was going to impact our reservation.  To reduce the stress of our schedule, I simply cancelled our reservation and felt we could easily find something later in the day.  When it came time to eat, we found ourselves outside of the Skipper Canteen.  We had no idea what to expect and to add to just how lost we felt, we discovered this dining location didn’t even have a rating (right).  So you could imagine just how skeptical we were as we sat at the table looking over the menu.

Long story short, we were pleasantly surprised by this meal.  The theme was nice, it wasn’t quite as crowded or as hectic as some of the other dining experiences appear to be at times, and the quality of food was excellent.  You can read more about our experience at Skipper Canteen and our full review HERE.


 Sleepy Hollow Inn Menu Sign

There are just certain Magic Kingdom “snacks” that everyone places on their list but Sleepy Hollow Inn is somewhere between a snack and a full out meal.  It’s only fair to say that regardless of how you categorize this dining experience, you should always bring your appetite to Walt Disney World and after seeing a few pictures of the food served at Sleepy Hollow, I was ready.  I believe this biggest confusion I hear throughout the Disney community is if Sleepy Hollow offers any Dining Plan options.  According to many, including the Walt Disney World website, state that “Dining Plans are not accepted” which isn’t completely true (at least as of today).

However, as you can see, the Sleepy Hollow Inn clearly advertises (right) a handful of options on the Disney Dining Plan which is a very nice surprise considering this dining experience has the reputation of not offering Disney Dining Plan options.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Ok, so not all surprises are nice surprises.  While this may not be a surprise to many, I still hear and see my share of surprised Disney vacation goers unaware that the Be Our Guest Dining Experience is now TWO (2) Dining Plan credits.   Maybe the majority of surprise are due to this change still being relatively recent going into effect as of July 27th, 2018.

Disney has since stated that the experience has been revamped and enhanced to a Signature Dining Experience.  While you may want to try the Grey Stuff (it’s delicious), you may want to weigh out the value of this experience.  Personally, I through the atmosphere was beautiful and the food was excellent but I enjoyed this experience back before it was revamped so I can’t say just how much has changed or even if it is or is not worth it.  To me, I would rather enjoy the food at Liberty Tree Tavern or experience the atmosphere of the Crystal Palace or even Chef Mickey’s which is just a short monorail ride away.  So maybe you should splurge one time to get the experience but remember, Be Our Guest is available for lunch and also consider just what you can experience for a Signature Dinging value.