And.. We’re Back!

Magic Kingdom

So it’s been awhile but for good reason.  Over the last two years I have been completing graduate school and pursuing opportunities within my profession.  When I initially began The Mouse Advisor my hope was to create an open, self-sustaining community where Disney goers, from first-timers to the pro’s, could easily communicate, share experiences, and avoid spending endless hours searching through forums and countless sites where information becomes buried and difficult to find.

The initial design simply did not work.  It was cumbersome and focused more on questions rather than showcasing answers.  Our goal is to still make information easily accessible and provide a platform where the Disney community can easily connect and share information but in a more intuitive and user-friendly way.  This has led to a complete redesign to the site and several other changes.  So let’s talk about what we can expect moving forward.

  • Weekly blog updates focusing on current news, tips, insights, and topics of interest to spark discussion amongst the community.
  • Daily social media posts (follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)
  • Occasional vlogs (video blogging)
  • Live Streams (during Disney vacation visits)

So join us by checking in periodically, following us on our various social media outlets, and interact with us.  The Mouse Advisor wasn’t meant to be an individual or a single family but to bring people of all walks and experiences to share and receive sound mouse advice!

We’ll see you soon!

Brandon “The Mouse Advisor”