More than “Just a Snack”

Hollywood Scoops - Hollywood Studios

Everyone knows that Disney offer dining experiences worth planning months in advance but you very rarely hear about the abundance of snack offerings found throughout the parks and resorts.  Now that’s not to say that we are not familiar with Dole Whips and Zebra Domes but they deserve a blog post all on their own.  However, Disney snacks are much more than Mickey Rice Crispy Treats and Ice Cream Bars (though I love me some Mickey Mouse head Ice Cream Bars) and can enhance your entire vacation experience.

Below are just a few of our favorites found throughout all of Walt Disney World parks:

*We’ll try to stick to snacks available on the Disney Dining Plan unless otherwise noted.

Magic Kingdom

  1. Dole Whip (Float) @ Aloha Isle – This is the obvious champion.  If there was any snack in the Magic Kingdom that does not go unnoticed, it’s a Dole Whip.  While I love the Dole Whip, I prefer the Dole Whip Float.  No matter the time of year, it’s a perfect time for a Dole Whip…Float.
  2. Mickey Waffle served with Powdered Sugar (Strawberries and Whipped Cream) @ Sleepy Hollow Inn – This particular snack IS on the Disney Dining Plan at Sleepy Hollow Inn but there are several absolutely delicious items that are not that I highly recommend, but if you’re trying to stick to your Snack Credits, this is a filling treat.
  3. The “Plaza” Ice Cream Sundae @ Plaza Ice Cream Parlor – While this seems like more of a traditional snack you could get back home, think again.  Just wait until you get to that freshly made waffle bowl, then you will discover this a next level treat.
  4. Warm Cinnamon Roll @ Gaston’s Tavern – I know your’e thinking Florida, hot weather, so why would I want a “warm” cinnamon roll?  All I can say is to grab a cold mug of LeFou’s Brew (which is excellent) and enjoy!  You don’t want to miss this snack!
  5. Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream Bar @ Various Locations – There are just some things that go beyond a recipe or taste.  You can taste the nostalgia and magic in every bite.  It’s simply not a trip to Walt Disney World without this snack.


So Epcot is going to be a little different.  While we’ll share some of our favorite snacks, Epcot isn’t always about a particular snack but can be just as much about a place.

  1. Karamell Kuche (Germany) – We are definitely a little biased on this choice.  We love caramel and chocolate!  My personal favorite is the large caramel popcorn, while my wife loves the caramel dipped fruit.  They also offer Werther’s bags for a snack credit and pretty well any snack in Disney, they have upped the game with add their brand of fresh caramel.  This place is simply a must!
  2. Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (France) – If you’re a fan of macarons, that is probably what you will hear about most from other Disney bloggers and review sites.  However, there are so many options that are considered snacks that are essentially meals.  This is a great place to pick up snacks for a breakfast or also a light lunch.  The Duo is one of my favorites which is a chocolate mousse but they also have a number of puff pastries and mousse type desserts that are really good.  Don’t overlook their soups and cheese plate which are also on the dining plan and make great options if you are not looking to treat that sweet tooth.
  3. Funnel Cakes (America) – First, the Funnel Cake with Sugar is the only item that is part of the Dining Plan to my knowledge.  However, the Funnel Cake with Ice Cream is incredibly good but since they have added the Cookies n’Cream Funnel Cake to the kiosk, I am going to say either choice will not leave you disappointed.
  4. Berry Cream Puff (Norway) – The Kringla Bakeri has a lot of delicious snack options but the Berry Cream Puff is an excellent balance of sweet, fresh, and filling.  I prefer it to the Viking Mousse which Kringla is also famously known for across other sites but you really can’t go wrong with any of the snack options at Kringla.  Just be aware some are quite small and/or very rich.
  5. Teas (Japan) – Probably one of my biggest surprises has come from the Joy of Tea in Japan.  I understand that their menu tends to change but this has been just about one of the best, refreshing stops we make each year in Epcot.  If teas are not your thing, I would recommend stopping by Joffrey’s for some cold, caffeinated beverages.


Hollywood Studios

  1. Brownie Sundae @ Hollywood Scoops – So I’m sure it’s becoming obvious that I’m a sucker for ice cream and chocolate.  Hollywood Studios, at least in my opinion, does not have the number or quality of dining options compared to other Disney Parks which will hopefully improve as more lands open.  So find something this good, means a lot!
  2. Apple Crisp al a Mode @ Hollywood Scoops – I really like just about anything at Hollywood Scoops but the Brownie Sundae and Apple Crisp is just incredibly good.  As I mentioned before, when I think of Disney Dining options, Hollywood Studios doesn’t really come to my mind but Hollywood Scoops is as good as any snack location in all of Disney World.
  3. Churros with Chocolate Sauce @ Anaheim Produce – The Anaheim Produce as a lot of fruit and vegetable offerings, and they’re certainly fresh and good but you don’t want to miss their Churros with Chocolate Sauce!  It’s good and so is #4!
  4. Mickey Pretzel with Cheese @ Anaheim Produce – While you are at Anaheim Produce ignoring all the healthier options much like I do, the Mickey Pretzel is always a bit hit with our family.  While I’m typically working on a Hollywood Scoop Ice Cream out kids love these Pretzels and I have to say, they’re very good!
  5. Cake Pops @ Trolley Car Cafe – It wouldn’t be right to leave the Trolley Car Cafe off the list even though I’m not a big cupcake person myself.  However, Trolley Car Cafe has a fairly diverse list of options.  I personally love the 3 Cake Pops but they have delicious cookies, muffins, cakes, and much more!

Animal Kingdom

  1. Colossal Cinnamon Roll @ Kusafiri – Ok, so this thing is huge!  It supposedly serves two but I’ll leave that up to you.  It’s just good and the portion is certainly generous.  There’s just no way you can go to Animal Kingdom on the Dining Plan on not try this one!
  2. Malva Cake Sundae @ Tamu Tamu – First, let me say that Tamu Tamu was my go-to snack place in Animal Kingdom but they have removed several of my favorites.  I preferred Tamu Tamu to Zuri’s because of all the unique chocolate items.  The Malva Cake Sundae is very good but I do miss the Double Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich and Chocolate Waffles but don’t forget you can also get Dole Whips at Tamu Tamu and this place just never seems to let me down no matter what the menu may be.
  3. Elephant Ear Pastry @ Kusafiri – Another delicious, chocolate dipped snack that could serve two.  Not quite the portion of the Colossal Cinnamon Roll but you could certainly share the ears…. I wouldn’t.  They’re too good!
  4. Seasoned Fries @ Mr. Kamal’s – So not everything is sweet on the snack list and if I went beyond the Top 5 in each park, you would probably seem much more of these types of snacks.  You’ll just have to ignore your sweet tooth with this one because it is sooooo worth it!
  5. Anything @ Zuri’s Sweets Shop – As I mentioned earlier, I do like Tamu Tamu when it comes to priority snack spending but Zuri’s has just about everything.  The Haystack is good for your peanut butter lovers but I recommend the Marshmallow Pops or the Zebra Spirals. You just really can’t go wrong at Zuri’s.

So that’s our short list of snack at each Walt Disney World Park.  Just for fun, we have also created a checklist you can download and keep track of each snack you experience!  We promise you, that each of these are more than just a snack and will add a little more magic to you dining experience and overall Walt Disney World Vacation!

Make sure you leave a comment of what you think of our list and any of your favorite snacks!

Downloadable Snack List – Top 5 Disney Park Snacks

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