Review: Avengers: Endgame

Family with Starlord and Groot

First of all, you’re safe to continue reading this review.  I will NOT be including any spoilers as I know there are a lot of theatres sold out these first few days and I want to make sure everyone has a chance to see it before I include any spoilers or easter eggs.

Let’s address some questions before getting into the movie.  Probably the most common question I have received is, “What should I watch before I go?” or at least something similar to this question.  If you want to go through the entire 21 movie catalog before seeing the film, then you’ll certainly know everything you should know prior to the film, but my advice would be to watch Thor Ragnorok, Antman & the Wasp, and Avengers:  Infinity War.  You really gain a lot of context through those movies and should ultimately be up on the story but I will say that this movie will mean much more to you if you’re up on the franchise, seen all the movies, and been somewhat invest in the characters.

Another question I have been receiving has been primarily from fans asking, “Is this just another time travel movie?”, which I believe interprets to the movie potentially using some “lazy writing” to fix the snapture or possibly the movie being hard to follow.  That is not the case in the least.  Now, you may scratch your head a time or two trying to put together some of their “rules” of time travel but the characters even poke fun at this themselves.  They make several pop culture references where time travel is leveraged as a plot point in movies but this is where Antman & the Wasp is a critical movie and as long as you just pay attention to the Endgame characters discussion, it’s not difficult to follow.

In regards to the movie, there is a few different acts.  There is a very short first act that packs quite the punch and picks up just days after the battle of Wakanda.  (20-some days I believe)  Then the movie jumps into the future by five years.  This act of the movie is the longest and really where the team begins formulating their plan.  Then there is the final act which contains some of the most exciting and emotional moments in movie history. So it goes a little like this…

  • First Act – Shocked and Stunned – Probably 80% or more of the trailer footage comes from this first act. (A-)
  • Second Act – Interested, Curious, and Intrigued.  Several laughs and couple of tears.  If you need to take a bathroom break, go early in this act.  This begins picking up steam and every character has an integral part in this act.  Watch for references and a lot of payoffs as well. (B+)
  • Third Act – Jaw Dropping.  You stand up and cheer.  You sit down and cry.  Ultimately you walk away saying, “This is exactly how this movie had to be.”   (A+)

Overall, this is the ultimate swan song and last chapter to a story that has spanned now more than 20 installments.  While I am sure there will be critiques and questions, I’m not sure how they could have taken into consideration the comic-base storylines, MCU character arcs, and each actor’s futures and created any better film.  It’s an absolute must see.  Don’t leave your seat, don’t forget to breath, be ready to laugh, don’t forget to cheer, and be prepared to cry.

To the devoted Marvel fan:  You need to watch this a couple of times.  This movie from beginning to end has countless references and payoffs.  If there was a line in one of the previous 21 MCU films that was interesting, humorous, or someone part of the character’s persona, it comes full circle in this film.  It’s hard to take all of it in the first time but it’s really ingenious when you begin pick them up.  Kudos to the writers on make so many moments, large and small, tie in and work.

*Parental Warning:  This movie is a little darker and more edgy.  People around me were a little shocked in the use of language but please take into consideration these characters have lost everything and the universe is left in shambles.  I’m not condoning unnecessary movie violence or foul language but it’s there but I believe most of it is meant to be character with the exception of a couple of g– d—- drops.”



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