Review (Non-Spoiler) – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

StarWarsBBSBBefore I get started into the review of this latest installment to the Star Wars Franchise, let me just say I went into this movie with fairly sober expectations and in the back of my mind, I really just wanted this to be better than the Prequels. It is also noteworthy that I was in no way attempting to review this movie in hopes that it would dethrone the original trilogies that were viewed through the eyes of my much younger self and concreted in nearly 3 decades of nostalgia… that just wouldn’t be fair.

So let’s get started…

Let’s talk about how this movie stands on it’s own. Probably the best aspect of The Force Awakens was how enduring and interesting the new characters were presented to the audience. It would be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t have a character from the new cast they didn’t cling to, theorize their origin, or walk out of the theatre contemplating their future. Simply put, the new cast just knocked it out of the park. They in no way felt out of place or in the way. They are now in the hearts of every Star Wars fan and that is a commendable accomplishment.

Next, how did it stand as part of a long-standing, popular franchise engraved into our pop culture? I felt this was probably their second greatest accomplishment. Everything really felt “Star Wars” to me. The environment, the characters, their interactions, the struggles, and the overall story was Star Wars. The original cast was very well taken care of and their moments with cast members new and old were enduring, emotional, and heart-warming. I’m hoping to catch more the easter eggs the second time but there are plenty of references and familiar themes to make any Star Wars fan feel right at home.

Then there’s the action. The arial combat was incredible and let me call it now, Poe Dameron is the x-factor of this trilogy that will help set it apart from being too familiar. There’s other aspects as well that make this movie its own but I really like the Poe Dameron character. Ok, back to the combat. It was just awesome! Altercations between good and evil were intense. You could feel the fear, desperation, and energy in each fight. Without spoiling… yes the lightsaber fights were epic.

To be fair, let’s not focus on all the good (though there was a lot) and let’s appease the crowd who is dying to know the problems. I think if I could be picky about anything it would be that it is very similar to A New Hope. To me, that wasn’t a problem in the least but if I could point out anything that the critics may be unhappy with in this movie it would be some duplication of themes and story arcs. However, to me, that’s the nature of the universe. The villains have their calling cards and the force has its responses to the evil. To deviate too far would potentially hurt the relevance to the Star Wars universe.

One other potential flaw was the lack of screen time for some characters. Hindsight is 20/20 and it could be the some characters had very limited screen time due to their developing roles in future releases. Again, not to say too much but to help temper your expecations, Captain Phasma, Supreme Leader Snoke, and yes… Luke Skywalker all had roles will leave you wanting more. (But that’s not necessarily a bad thing)

Overall, it’s a beautiful journey back into the Star Wars universe and introduces new characters that are here to stay. The original cast were seamlessly and poetically used throughout the movie and the Star Wars feel was well preserved. I wouldn’t go into the movie looking for the best Star Wars movie of all time as it’s hard to overcome the nostalgia and emotional attachments of story, characters, and worlds that have been dear to us for decades. However, I think it was an excellent first step towards establishing a new age in Star Wars and each and every person needs to experience this movie.

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