La Hacienda de San Angel

La Hacienda de San Angel

Visited June 2016

Type: Mexican
Dining Plan: Yes
Character Experience: No
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Food:   La Hacienda de San Angel offers authentic Mexican cuisine in Disney-sized portions served with delicious, complimentary chips and a choice of salsa. Each entree is guaranteed to satisfy the largest of appetites and honor the palates of those looking for authentic cuisine.

When attending La Hacienda, you are promptly greeted with complimentary chips and salsas which make excellent starters but if that’s not quick enough to subdue your hunger, La Hacienda boasts several appetizers. If you’re on the Disney Dining Plan you may want to simply stick with the chips and salsas as the appetizers are a little pricey in my opinion. However, you will receive a sizable portion to share among your family and friends that helps justify the price if you opt to enjoy an appetizer.

Since we did not order any appetizers, we’ll jump right into the appetizers. We ordered the Taquiza (top, right) and the New York Steak (right). As you can see, you get more than you can eat and everything is packed full of flavor. Even if you’re like me, a more “meat and potatoes” kind of guy, if you order something “safe” like a steak, they bring a lot of the authentic flavor and seasoning to create a completely new experience. In addition to their authentic seasoning, they compliment every entree with authentic side dishes that will leaving you guessing how you could ever find room for a dessert.

This leads me to my final point. The desserts at La Hacienda are incredible and very unique. From traditional sorbets to corn ice cream topped with candied popcorn, you are sure to complete a dining experience all its own. We chose the Empanada de Manzana (right) and Mousse de Chocolate. The Empanada is a pastry filled with caramel apples served with ice cream and caramel sauce. Yes, it’s as good as it sound and then some.

We were extremely pleased with the quality of food at La Hacienda from the first chip to the final bite of dessert and believe it or not, the incredible food is not the only unique experience La Hacienda has to offer.

Atmosphere:   La Hacienda is no different than most Epcot Restaurants, you are completely immersed into the Mexican culture upon entering the portion of Epcot and La Hacienda just furthers the experience. Surrounded by beautiful decor, large viewing windows, and an outside waterway creates an atmosphere that causes you to completely forget you’re in central Florida. La Hacienda is not only a fantastic family experience but it is also a very romantic atmosphere. If you’re a couple looking for the perfect atmosphere, ask for a circular booth facing the waterway where you just might experience once of the best nighttime firework seats in Epcot.

Experience:   La Hacienda is an excellent dining experience but what really sets it apart from many others in Epcot is that opportunity to enjoy high quality, unique dining in addition to incredible fireworks viewing. La Hacienda is simply beautiful at night and regardless if you’re a couple or an entire family, you will not want to miss this one of kind experience.

Cost:   Personally, if my family was not on the Disney Dining Plan, I don’t think we could quite swing this one. It’s not horribly overpriced and comparable to other dining experiences of its tier in terms of cost. However, with a family of 4 (2 kids), if i’m going to put this much money down, I would like a character experience or possibly something a little more of a “Disney Experience”. Although, if you’re are able to snag one of those times to where you and your family can dine and view the fireworks, it would definitely be worth the cost at least once. For those with the Disney Dining Plan, the experience is valued at a Casual Dining Experience (1 Casual Dining Credit) so anything above a “Quick Service” plan should be good to go!

Bottom Line:   La Hacienda offers authentic and delicious cuisine complimented with one of the most beautiful atmospheres in Epcot. While I would rate La Hacienda very similarly to other Epcot dining experiences, the nighttime atmosphere and opportunity of firework viewing really separates this experience from nearly any other Epcot restaurant making it a must especially if you can land one of those late night reservations.

  • Food - 8.5/10
  • Atmosphere - 8/10
  • Experience - 8.5/10
  • Cost - 6.5/10
User Rating: 3.0 (1 votes)
New York Steak
La Hacienda

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