Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

Visited June 2015 (Updated March 2016)

Type: Dining
Dining Plan: Yes
Character Experience: No
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Food:  Who doesn’t like Pizza? Regardless if you’re an individual, a couple, or a family with kids, everyone has a special place for Pizza. Via Napoli takes Pizza, and other well-known Italian dishes, to the next level. With a variety of traditional dishes, Via Napoli has something for everyone. For our family, we kept it pretty straightforward by getting pizza all around. Being a mushroom lover I naturally went the Funghi Pizza and I have to say it was very tasty. However, if you’re looking for your hometown pizza, this isn’t it. Their sauce is much more traditional with a more “tomato-y” taste. The mushrooms were delicious and everything was extremely fresh. My wife was probably the most adventurous by selecting the Prosciutto e Melone Pizza (white pizza, fontina, mozzarella, prosciutto, canteloupe, arugula). You can see my wife’s dish to the right and it was just as good as it looks.

Just in case you’re worried about the kids, Via Napoli offers spaghetti, pizza, and mozzarella bites. Each as fresh and authentic as their adult menu counterparts.

Atmosphere:   Via Napoli, like most Epcot dining experiences, is beautifully decorated, with authentic surroundings, and the wood burning ovens are an added touch that feels the room with an authentic Italian warmth. Outside of the more “restaurant” oriented aspects, Via Napoli also displays beautiful artwork, tapestries, and murals to add to the overall atmosphere of an already beautifully themed restaurant. When choosing any restaurant in Epcot, the atmosphere is established well before you walk through the doors of your restaurant of choice. From the authentic surroundings to the style of the buildings in addition to the statues and fountains, you are slowly immersed into Italy.

Experience:   Via Napoli was an incredible family experience from beginning to end. The waiters and waitresses really made you feel the warmth of Italy and the family-oriented traditions that Italy is so well-known. As they ushered out dish after dish, and breathtaking pizzas unique to any pizzas I had ever seen, it generated more and more excitement as you waited on your own order. The kids really enjoyed the chefs working the wood-fire ovens as well and honestly, I enjoyed it myself. Via Napoli is also a very classy experience. For those looking for the “finer things” of Italy or Europe, Via Napoli offers an extravagant collection of wine and desserts to bring this delightful experience full circle.

Cost:   Via Napoli is fairly reasonable in my opinion and really supports the idea of “you get what you pay for”. With family orders (serving 2-3, 3-5, etc.) for under $40, is a pretty good deal. Sure, this is going to be more expensive than your hometown pizzeria but the quality and atmosphere is well worth it. In my opinion, you get the best value ordering the family dishes rather than the individual dishes but you will not be disappointed either way. For those on the Disney Dining plan, this will cost you 1 Casual Dining Credit.

Bottom Line:   Via Napoli may be considered a “casual dining experience” but is a perfect balance of class, fine dining, feel-good food, and a laid-back, family-oriented experience. If your family loves pizza and you’re use to enjoying a good slice on a Friday night back home, this is a must and an experience everyone in your family can enjoy.

  • Food - 8/10
  • Atmosphere - 8/10
  • Experience - 7.5/10
  • Cost - 7.5/10
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