Welcome to The Mouse Advisor!

First let me say thank you for visiting us at The Mouse Advisor and we hope you find the absolute best source for Walt Disney World vacation planning. The world wide web provides countless resources leading to an overwhelming amount of information. Our intention at The Mouse Advisor is to provide a means for your questions to be easily answered by connecting you to a helpful community through our user-friendly site. Regardless if you are a seasoned Walt Disney World veteran or looking for your first set of ears, everyone has an opportunity to act either as an advisor or an information seeker. No longer will your questions be lost in the flood of social media statuses or will you be forced to search through endless forum topics and posts. Your questions are center stage and the community can easily find and respond to your inquiries. Our goal is to change the way the system works from where you stand alone searching tirelessly for your answer to establishing a community that is searching for your question.

Before I wrap up this blog post, let me answer a few potential questions.

Me and WifeHow does this work?
It’s thankfully very easy! You ask the questions and our community of advisors will provide the best possible answer.

Who are the advisors?
It can be anyone! It could be everyone! Our hope is that we establish a community from all walks of life and experiences. Thus providing the greatest opportunity to provide the best answer. Professional Vacation Planners, Travel Agent representatives, families, or students are just a few examples of our potential community members.

Can I advertise my agency or planning business?
You’re more than welcome to add this information to your profile or include this on a personal signature but please, no advertising or competitive marketing. By stating or displaying your affiliation to a given group should provide enough advertisement in itself if you’re kind, friendly, and helpful.

What are these points that I see?
The points are simply a fun way for us to display some of our more active and helpful community members.

Family at MKSo who is “The Mouse Advisor” really?
The Mouse Advisor is maintained by me (Brandon Blackburn) with insight from my family and friends. While I plan on posting helpful blog articles and reviews in addition to hopefully answering a few questions, my hope is to merely facilitate this community. Whatever I can do to make your vacation a little more magical is my privilege.

I noticed your reviews but why just resorts?
There’s more on the way! I’ll hopefully review parks and restaurants in the near future. Make sure while you’re checking out the reviews, you scroll to the bottom and leave your own ratings, reviews, and comments!

So is that you and your family in the pictures?
Yep! That’s us and we love family and we also love Disney! All pictures on the sites were taken from our vacations. We hope you enjoy them and look for opportunities in the near future to share your own!

I think that’s enough for one post. If you have any other questions, comments, suggestions, or run into any issues, please make sure you visit the “Contact Us” section of the site and let us know! We love to hear from you and want to create the best experience possible.

Thanks again for stopping by and look forward to seeing the community grow!

Have a magical time!

Brandon K. Blackburn
“The Mouse Advisor”

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